How It Started

How It Started

Software-defined Intelligent Automation

From Supercomputing and Cloud Optimization

to Automated Intelligence of Networks

With roots in shaping key elements of the supercomputing and cloud computing industry the executives of Automated Intelligence (AI) saw significant transformational opportunity in the networking and telecommunications industry as well as others to intelligently automate systems using predictive analytics.

Initially driving supercomputing from low double digit utilization efficiency to the high 90’s, as well as transforming them from FIFO resource allocation to dynamically adapting the compute, storage, network and middleware to meet the needs of user workloads (Adaptive/Composable Computing), AI’s executives were quickly drawn in to help form the foundational projects of cloud computing.

AI’s executives advanced the art of the automation decisions that were initially called Adaptive or Composable Computing then Utility Computing and finally became key foundations to Cloud Computing. IBM, an early innovator in enabling the mechanics of cloud computing utilized AI’s former organization to implement IBM’s own partner cloud as well as what was initially the largest private cloud in the world accross ten plus datacenters. Saving hundreds of millions of dollars, this private cloud customer achieved a 10X improvement in compute utilization, 4X improvement in storage utilization, 50% initial savings in personnel costs and projected that they would save 90% in personnel costs over time.

AI is taking these principles along with the added know-how of long-term telecommunications and networking experts to drive rapid innovation though intelligently automating key networking and telecommunications systems. This is being done to achieve similar adaptive composability of the underlying infrastructure that is then driven by predictive analytics and resulting automation intelligence. AI’s background and unique predictive decision engine expertise will be key in accomplishing similar transformational results in this and similar markets.

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