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Automated Intelligence has experienced technical leadership across the networking, telecommunications, supercomputing, cloud and security industries including our CEO/CTO’s renown as the Father of Modern Scheduling.  Our collective experience covers servicing some of the industry’s most innovative and demanding mission-critical environments including Bank of America, HSBC, Honeywell, GE, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, CIA, NSA, NRO, NNSA, DOE, DOD, Digital Globe, and many others.  Automated Intelligence focuses on creating touch-less self-optimizing end-to-end solutions.  Many in the industry are able to implement automation of underlying manual process, however Automated Intelligence specializes in developing predictive systems which model mission objectives against resources, services and processes both in real time and out into the future.  Advanced analytics, and predictive modeling are key to enabling organizations to fully optimize the services they deliver and differentiate with clear value above their competitors …

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Executive managers

Michael A. Jackson
Michael A. Jackson
President and COO
Known for finding the path to order in a world of chaos, and having a voracious appetite for the true "Why" behind decisions, Michael Jackson brings two decades of executive and practical experience, a listening ear, and a sense of urgency to meeting customer and partner needs.
David B. Jackson
David B. Jackson
Recognized as the Father of Modern Scheduling in the supercomputing space, having over 80 patents and as the original founder and CEO of Adaptive Computing, David Jackson is a true industry visionary that has lead out in transforming industries through intelligent automation.
Golden Murray
Golden Murray
Chief Security Architect
30 years of experience in software architecting and engineering covering supercomputing, cloud, big data and cellular communications, including a decade in the Cyber Security division of Raytheon Intelligence and Information Systems.