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Mission Critical Systems Need Intelligent Automation


Optimization is dependent on understanding historical information, real-time data and predictive simulation …


Autonomics begins with data-driven analysis to discover a true world view of systems, resources, processes and policies …


Touchless automation drives new business opportunities, efficiencies and competitive advantages in today’s leading organizations …

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How It All Started

Applying the transformation of cloud and supercomputing to networking and telecommunications 

With roots in shaping key elements of the supercomputing and cloud computing industry the executives of Automated Intelligence (AI) saw significant transformational opportunity in the networking and telecommunications industry as well as others to intelligently automate systems using predictive analytics.

In the many years of working with you, you have always delivered what you promised and have simply never let us down.


Automated Intelligence has been integral in establishing the breadth of vision needed for the reengineering of the power grid with the attendant communications and computation infrastructure required for its real-time operation.  They understand the problem space completely and their insight into continuous deployment at scale of the solution is perfect for the reality of what must…

– Agile Fractal Grid