Real-time Provisioning

Real-time Provisioning

(Cloud, On-demand, Virtualization, etc.)

Management of complex environments consists of two primary and complementary activities.  First, the system must optimize the assignment of system tasks to existing resources and services.  It must make the most of what it has, minimizing risk, satisfying customer service agreements, and maximizing system performance.

However, modern Software Defined Anything (SDx) systems are also adaptive meaning the system can dynamically reconfigure the environment to meet the evolving loads, tasks, and customer requirements.

This second management activity, optimizing the adaptive system, must leverage rules, system modeling, predictive analytics, etc to understand how a modified system could potentially handle existing and forecast loads.  It is only at this point that intelligently driven real-time provisioning can be leveraged to continuous tune the system for optimal performance.  The combination of optimized load placement and optimized adaptive system configuration can result in a highly effective and highly resilient platform that is continuously tuned to a changing world.

AI staff were pioneers in the creation of effective dual-loop optimization enabling the optimization of load to resource and optimization of resource to load resulting in highly effective, efficient, resilient, and adaptive systems.