Autonomic: Self-Optimizing & Self-Healing

Autonomic:  Self-Optimizing & Self-Healing

(Zero Touch Networks that can identify and rectify problems before they occur – including root cause analysis, optimizing costs, SLA’s, resource utilization, time to delivery, etc.)

Closed loop automation within a Software Defined Anything (SDx) environment requires handling both the day to day operations as well as the exceptions.  These exceptions can come in many varieties including unexpected failures, workload congestion, new projects or customer load, or even a change in the weather.  Closed-loop zero-touch automation is not possible unless the system is capable of navigating these issues with a decision-making process that is resilient to constant system evolution.  Star athletes are exceptional because they appear to deal with obstacles and changing situations almost effortlessly.  Management of SDx must be similar, optimizing the operations of day to day and optimizing exception handling… making it appear easy.

AI’s technology has been used in top government and Fortune 500 systems to deliver truly touchless systems capable of adapting to and recovering from continuous system failures and environmental evolution.